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I'm not in a wheelchair anymore, I didn't stop fighting and I won! I got my life back, It's not easy and it will never be but I've made so much progress and I wanna let you all know that it's worth the fight!

It's hard to be in pain 24/7 but I still think that life is beautiful
and I'm here if anyone needs somebody to talk to!

And I'm obsessed with carrots.

People think to know me ,
but they know the fake me.

If they see me ,
they see me as a happy girl.

But i am not happy ,
i am broken.

I'm hidding al my problems ,
because nobody cares.

For me , its the only way ,
to life.

One Direction

They make me happy , for them is my smile real.
I love them , they are my everthing.

I can listen to them every day ,
they makes me happy when i'm sad.

They all are beautifull,
i love them because their are people ,
not that they are 'famous'.

i'm a proud directioner'.

Criminal Minds

I love the serie so much, it's a obsession.
I've always wanted to see how it works.

To know how it's going inside of a criminal,
and this serie is just freakin amazing.

The drama between the characters
and the way how each person is special
in his or her own way.

It's so much more than just a team,
it's family.

(I love them all but spencer reid the most)

The first one , it don't hurt .
but stil bleeding.

if the glass is bright enough ,
it will bleeding without pain.

the pain goes out ,
and you feel free.

but it is not the awnser,
it will take control about you.
So people , don't cut!
iknow its hard ,
think about all people who you hurt ,
it is not good.

Everbody , i love you guys all.
if you are ugly , or fat .
I am there for everbody!
_____________________ <3
i have a obession with 5sos, the vampire diaries,
pretty little liars, skins, teen wolf, ncis, and movies
about world war 2.

but i'm only here to read fanfictions,
and to talk with people.
I'm having some problems,
and i read some stories about them,
if you guys ever want to talk about,
serious things or about unicorns.
then don't be afraid to text me.

After all this time? Always. - Severus Snape

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,
if only one remembers to turn on the light. - Albus dumbledore

(yes I'm a potterhead)
Oh yeah i'm a dirty girl , with a dirty mind.
i love you guys, you are all amazing.


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    hey mensjes, super lief allemaal! En het gaat momenteel goed, ik ben klaar met me revalidatie en kan weer lopen en sporten net als een normaal mens:)

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  • Debbaut

    Je bent al een tijdje niet online geweest. Kan ik je ergens mee helpen?

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  • Ristridin

    Hoi, zin om te praten?

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  • Debbaut

    Let's party! (banana)

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  • Scandal

    Hey!! What's Up! Hoe staat het ermee?

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