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No, you don't understand
It's not that I don't try, it's
that I try so fucking hard to be
worth your time, to be funny
and smart and pretty and deserving of your love, but
despite every attempt
I'm still not enough

5SOS Ed Sheeran Nirvana Nina Nesbitt Icon for Hire Bring Me The Horizon The Foo FIghters Linkin Park Green Day
Paramore The Pretty Reckless Lewis Watson All Time Low You Me At Six

Quinta, I love you

Always be yourself! Unless you can be batman, then always be batman.

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  • loveyoukelly

    heeii ik ben bezig met een verhaal over One direction mischien dat je geintresseerd bent?
    Another world ft. one direction

    7 jaar geleden
  • Carlileswreck

    hey jij

    7 jaar geleden
  • xonething

    i read, answer, delete

    9 jaar geleden
  • Carlileswreck

    Whenever i'm sad, i go to whatsapp.
    I open your screen, and talk to you.
    Because our conversations, They make me smile.
    I smile, because i know you will be here for me.

    Whenever i want to laugh, i go to your twitter.
    I open your tweets, and i laugh.
    Because i know how amazingly funny you are.
    I smile, because i know you will be here for me.

    Whenever i feel down, I go to your Youtube Channel.
    I open one of your songs, and close my eyes.
    I listen, to that beautiful voice that fills my ears.
    I smile, because i know you will be here for me.
    And i'm thankfull for that, because i lost alot of people.
    And i know i will never lose you, Thank you for that.
    I love you.

    9 jaar geleden

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